Playing is the major way for kids to enjoy and could be to kill the boredom that they feel. Yes, it is common to them to play toys and be able to destroy it. It is natural for the kids and even babies to look for toys when they feel that they are sad or lonely. But it would be more interesting to let them try the one that will help them to develop their skills and ability like having an educational type of toys and activities. In this way, it would be very convenient for you as a mother to introduce to them that learning can’t always be boring but it could be fun as long as you enjoy doing it. Like the speech-language pathologist, it could literally help them to improve and start to develop their cognitive and motor skills in reacting to different kinds of educational toys and when they figure it out that it is fun to do.  


This is the main reason why when you send your kids to kindergarten, most the of the things that they can see in the four sides of the room are some toys like the different objects with different sizes and colors and even the shapes. It would help to develop and be able to give good way to develop the brain of your kids. Make sure that whenever you are doing the list below, you have to have fun doing it with them. In this manner, it would let them understand that doing this kind of activity could be fun.  

  1. You may try to get to the basic learning like the different parts of the body or having them the pictures of some common animals like dogs, cats, and birds. It would not only promote good learning to them but they are developing the social skills in them. You could hide some of the toys and let them find it could be a good alternative as well.  
  2. Letting them understand the word for a better vocabulary. As long as that they can remember the word, it would be an easier job for you to develop it more. Like for example, you can show a thing and let him or her guess the name of the thing, you could include the colors of it and even the shape.  
  3. You could also say a word that he or she needs to remember. Tell him that tomorrow he or she needs to recite it to you. It could be tiring for others, but it would give a good and excellent result especially in acquiring good vocabulary background.  
  4. Like the one mentioned about. You can let him or her guess the body parts that you are pointing. You could use a song or you may sing this to her or him. In this way, it would be easier for them to remember it.  

Different parents could and may have different ways but the aim of these that we have is to make sure that they are developing more and be able to communicate right.  

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